Exciting Safari 9 Days 8 Nights

A 9 Day Kenya Safari Tour adventure awaits you! Book your tickets with us as we embark on this unforgettable journey filled with food, fun and friends!

Total cost starts at $4,257 per person sharing.

Note that hotel reservations are done when the bookings are confirmed


  • Transportation in a safari vehicle—only a land cruiser jeep—for the duration of your accommodations
  • Accommodations
  • Playful game drives
  • Park admission fees
  • Enjoy meals three times a day and have a spectacular bush dinner at Masai Mara.
  • Bush dinner At Masai Mara
  • Competent direction from guides/drivers who speak English fluently
  • Cycling $20 pp
  • Geothal Spa $30 pp
  • Balloon $500 pp
  • Village visiting $40 pp.
  • Personal effect
  • Extra refreshments

Tour Plan

Day 01 Arrival and Masai Mara Transfer

Morning Briefing and Transfer: Get started on your journey with an orientation in the morning, a timely transport from the airport, and an excursion that takes you straight to Masai Mara.

Hotel Check-in: Select your hotel and check-in, based on your arrival time. Accommodations in Nairobi will be arranged in the event of a delayed arrival.

Day 02 Discovering Masai Mara and Interaction with Culture

Check-out Early: After breakfast, head to your hotel to start your day early.

Visit to the Masai Mara Village: Spend the day exploring the fascinating Masai Mara Village. To enhance your journey, indulge yourself in Kenya's well-known Masai culture, look through their creative endeavors, and acquire crafts.

Enjoy a wonderful bush meal following your visit of a Masai community before returning to your hotel.

Day 03 Sightseeing at Hells Gate National Park, Naivasha

Transfer in the Morning: Make your way to Naivasha in the early hours of the day for your upcoming journey.

Experience the breathtakingly beautiful Hells Gate National Park, which boasts stunning volcanic rock walls and sheer cliff faces. Savor lunch against this picturesque setting as you take in the creative marvels of the natural world.

Slam Tour: Take part in a slam tour in the evening before heading back to your hotel.

Day 04 Safari to Crescent Island and Lake Naivasha

Take part in an exhilarating two-hour boat safari and bird-watching excursion at Lake Naivasha. Discover the varied fauna of Crescent Island Game Sanctuary, which includes elegant waterbucks, several bird species, and Masai giraffes. See a nearby school later on before heading back to your hotel.

Day 05 Explore Ol Pejeta Conservancy and travel from Naivasha to Nanyuki

Hotel Check-Out: Go out of your lodging.

Discover the enchantment of Ol Pejeta Conservancy by traveling to Nanyuki. Experience the five endangered species of East Africa, especially the Black Rhino. After visiting the weavers and spinners in the area and having lunch at Ol Pejeta, head to your accommodation for the evening.

Day 06 Karen Blixen Museum visit - Nanyuki to Nairobi

Transfer in the morning: Go to Nairobi from Nanyuki.

Explore the rich past and exhibits of the Karen Blixen Museum by paying a visit. Later, in the evening, make your way to your accommodation in Nairobi.

The next few days will be devoted to more exploring Nairobi and its surroundings, with stops at the Giraffe Center, Nairobi National Park, Kazuri Bead Factory, and city tour.

Days 07 Wildlife Expedition in Nairobi National Park

Early Departure: After breakfast, check out of the accommodation to begin an exciting day at Nairobi National Park.

Game Drives: Take early and late game drives in this well-known national park tucked away in the middle of the city. Discover a variety of wildlife species in this distinctive urban refuge, including antelope and giraffes. Later, in the evening, return by transfer to your hotel.

Day 08 Nairobi Tour - Visit to Kazuri Bead Factory

Morning Safari Drive: Visit Nairobi National Park for an early morning safari drive following breakfast.

Visit the Kazuri Bead Factory to learn about the exquisite handcrafts and curios and to see how lovely ornamental products are made.

Transfer Back: To round up the highlights of Nairobi, depart to your hotel in the evening.

Day 09 Visit to the Giraffe Center and a Magnificent City Tour of Nairobi

Giraffe Interaction: Start the day with a trip to the Giraffe Center and brunch. Get up close and personal with the lovely giraffes by feeding them and taking in unique experiences.

City Tour: Marvel at Nairobi's stunning towers and expansive vistas as you explore this magnificent city. Discover the allure of the city and its distinctive sites before wrapping off your tour.

This itinerary offers a variety of experiences throughout Kenya, including wildlife safaris, city tours, and cultural exchanges, all of which will contribute to an enriching and affordable package of Kenya Safari.


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